Evil Gordon

I got asked to write down my fondest fforest memory. “Easy peasy” I thought. Then I stopped in my tracks. Was it the first time we went there in late Autumn 2009 to celebrate our wedding anniversary? What about the time I stole the TOP SECRET granola recipe (Thanks Sian)?
How about when I helped Robbie herd the ‘escaped’ bull back into its field?
Or that first night we ever spent in a dome?
How about any of those boozy nights at the Bwthyn and the dark wobbly walk back to bed?
We renewed our wedding vows there. Surely that’s gotta be up there when my wifey wore her old wedding dress and wellies?
And all those campfire baking sessions we’ve ever done there?
Picking flowers for the other guest’s accommodation?
That new year in the farmhouse? How could we forget? How did we remember?
That time James made me drink whisky with him. It may have happened more than one time.
Sue’s party at the farmhouse where I thought it was her 40th and it wasn’t?!
The pot of tea when you arrive?
How about all the new friends we’ve made there?
How about those people who we now consider family?
Sian. James. Jackson. Robbie. Calder. Teifi. And all the fforest elves.

When you stay at fforest it makes an impression on you and you’ll never be quite the same again.

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Esme, 2015

Ten friends and I visited fforest during the early Summer of 2015. We had just finished our English degrees in Bristol, and had decided to go away for a sunny holiday to wash the library and the essays out of our hair. Somehow, May blessed us with blissful weather: we swam in the sea (admittedly still very cold), walked along the coast and drank a great deal of wine from boxes. We were all pretty glum on the last day: we'd spent three years living in each others pockets and sometimes going to lectures and even less frequently reading the assigned books, and returning to Bristol meant graduation and then Real Life. fforest was our final stop before the journey home, and provided the perfect oasis to chatter over the happy memories we'd just made, and perhaps even get a little excited about what lies ahead. We speak so often about taking a group holiday and coming back to visit, if only Real Life would stop getting in the way. We'll make it back eventually, and I hope that it is as sunny and lovely as it was in 2015!

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