Evie, age 10

I opened the boot of the car and something barked at me. Let me tell you the whole story...

I go to this place in Wales called ‘fforest’ every year. In fact I have been going since I was two years old. We go to stay in a Yurt and my parents get a bed but me and my brother have to sleep on camp beds but they’re actually comfy. Anyway every time I go James (the owner of the camp) his dog Arrow is always there, he is all black apart from a white part on his chest. He remembers me every year I go and runs up to me barking. One time I went James let him sleep in our Yurt and he slept on my feet. This is where the story begins.

That night there was a reddish sun on the horizon and it was very beautiful. Just then Arrow woke up and started to lick my face and his slobber smelt like chicken, it wasn’t very nice. I had to push him off. Then I nearly had a heart attack from laughing. In the morning I woke up and went to breakfast down at the breakfast place. I took the short cut down the hill, I had to run down it quickly. I didn’t trip on any roots that were sticking out. For breakfast I had scrambled egg on toast and then my parents and my brother came down to have breakfast as well.

After breakfast we went back to the Yurt – we still had Arrow. We discussed what we were going to do that day. We thought we would go down to Cardigan and the sweet shop called ‘YumYums’. I went down to give Arrow back to James, I found him but he said “take him with you, I need you two to get along”. So we took Arrow with us in the car. When we got there my mum gave me £5 to spend and I took Arrow and we went straight to ‘YumYums’. I gave Arrow a treat because he was so good on the car journey. I walked in to the sweet shop and smelt the amazing smell of sweets and chocolate. I wanted to get some bubblegum and a packet of lots of different sweets and also some chocolate.

Because I was allowed a treat I went to the pet store and bought some chicken treats for Arrow. He ate them all before we had even got to the end of the street. I walked past a coffee shop and my mum and dad were sitting in it so I went to join them. I had a hot chocolate with marshmallows and a giant cookie, and then my brother and me went back to fforest.

When we got back I gave Arrow back and we were just in time for supper (we were out so long that we missed our lunch and boy was I hungry). For dinner it was a barbecue and that meant everyone in the camp would come down. It also meant that I would see my best friend Grace (she is my best friend because I know her from when I first came to fforest). Also today was my last day at fforest before I went back home. I waited at the barbecue for ages, but just as I had lost all hope I finally saw her. I ran up and hugged her – perhaps a little too tight. Grace is quite tall, she has brown hair, blue eyes and she has a dog called Basil. I played with grace until midnight and my mum said that a Grave was going to have a sleepover in our Yurt as it was our last night.

Grace went back to her Yurt to get her stuff then she came back to our Yurt. We had to share the bed but that was ok. We finally got to sleep after a lot of whispering. When I woke up the next morning Grace was still lying next to me on the floor. After a lot of very long goodbyes we finally got in our car. I thought I heard something I the boot but decided it was just my imagination. We still had to get lunch and I was starving. My mum went in to M&S and got me a bacon and chicken pasta, when I opened it up the smell spread through the air. I could have sworn I heard a whining but no one lease seemed to notice it.

We carried on with the journey and my pasta was delicious and I ate it all. After that I felt quite tired and I closed my eyes. The next thing I knew I was awake and we were parked outside our house, for a moment I wondered why we were at home and not at fforest. Then I remembered we had left. When I woke up mum had just parked the car and I got out (this is where the story started). I opened the boot of the car and something barked at me. “Mum, Arrow’s in the boot” I shouted. “So he is!” Said mum.

We took Arrow inside, Mum said she would call James in the morning. It was too late to do anything now so Arrow had to stay the night “Yes” I shouted at the top of my voice. “shush Evie, you’ll wake the neighbours” said mum. But I didn’t care, I was so excited. My mum said she would make Arrow a bed downstairs in the kitchen but I said he would feel lonely so he was allowed to sleep in my room with me, hopefully on my bed. We went up to my room, I was so tired I forgot about my dinner. I put my pyjamas on and got in to bed. Then Arrow jumped on the bed and lay next to me. He got to sleep quickly and after I heard lots of heavy breathing I smiled and closed my eyes.

It actually took me longer than usual to get to sleep, it was probably because of the excitement of having Arrow. I still couldn’t believe he had got stuck in the boot, and then I had a horrible thought – what about James he must be worried sick about Arrow, he might think he was dead! Suddenly I went all tense and Arrow woke up and stared at me long and hard, like he understood me or something. He licked me, probably trying to comfort me. I stroked him and kissed him on the nose. Then I eventually got to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night hot and sweaty, I had just had a nightmare about someone taking Arrow. When I woke up Arrow wasn’t lying next to me, he was barking at the window. I got my pillow and quilt and went to lay next to him on the floor. I think he was barking because he missed James and he missed fforest. When I turned round to get comfortable my mum and dad were standing at the door of the room. “Is Arrow alright?” My dad asked. “He is fine, just missing home a bit I think” I said. “Ok, well you keep him company” said mum. “Yep, will do” I said, and with that they said good night and we all went back to bed.

When I woke up in the morning there was something warm on my chest, and then I remembered it was Arrow. He woke me up by licking my face. I went downstairs luckily we still had a bit of dog food left from when we looked after our friends dog, so I got a clean bowl out and put a bit of food in it. I took it in to the front room and watched TV while Arrow crunched his food very loudly. When he finished he jumped up and sat on the sofa with me. I knew my mum wouldn’t like it but it was just for one morning. Finally at about 11 my mum came downstairs took one look at Arrow but she said nothing more. “Mum”, I said, “when are we going to call James and tell him?” “After breakfast I think, I am going to make waffles, do you want some?” She said. “Yes please!”

After we had eaten our waffles mum called Fforest, luckily James picked up. “Hello” said mum. “Hi, this is James speaking” he replied. “Oh, hi it’s Alison Martin” “Hi Alison, is everything OK?” “Well, not really, how do I put this…we have Arrow” she blurted out. “I know” “Well aren’t you really worried about him?” “No” “Well why not, he’s your dog” “Because he got into the car on purpose” “What!?, sorry I’m not quite following you” “I put him in your car when you were saying goodbye to everyone” “Ok, but why?” “Because I needed someone else to look after him, and I know how much Evie loves Arrow, so it was perfect” “But why did Arrow need a new home?” “Because my wife Sian got a job in America for a year, and Arrow needed a new home…..”

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