Gina, Paul, Joe, Finn & Oliver, 2011

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Our first visit to fforest was in 2010 and we came back every Whitsun halfterm until 2014, with one summer visit along the way...

The memories fuse together: friendships, breakfasts, Mwnt beach, coasteering, canoeing every year, sea kayaking, rock climbing, tree climbing, Arrow the dog, the pub (what is that local gin we discovered?), toasted marshmallows, laughter (lots of it), unwinding, cricket, football, foraging, freedom, kids in packs, friendships renewed year on year (and persisting still), the granola, the enamel cups and bowls, wild flowers at breakfast, standing at the toaster meeting someone new, bbq nights, rain (there was lots of rain), upgrading to a dome (we were loyal to the bell tents before that), birthdays: Finn turned 9,10,11,12 and13 at fforest and we celebrated Steph's birthday and Alison and Chris's wedding anniversary. We watched the clouds and let life meander a little, unplugged from screens, and paused for a bit. My children's childhoods start in stories from fforest, where they grew up and were free. Thank you Sian and James, from Gina Paul Joe Finn and Oli.

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