Share, support & inspire: Creative retreats for women

fforest has had the pleasure of hosting a number of creative retreats for women, all of which have a few traits in common: to share, support & inspire one another. 

Syjunta, Feb 2017

We held our first Syjunta weekend in the February of this year; a creative retreat centred upon women coming together to learn, interact and relax. Syjunta focussed on the beautiful and intricate skill of hand embroidery. Our guests enjoyed woodland walks to gather inspiration from nature to implement in their embroidery designs, all from the comfort of a soft sofa. The retreat was held at Ty fforest where our ladies all stayed under one roof in the most luxurious of fforest accommodation. We wanted to ensure that the Syjunta retreat left our guests feeling inspired and rejuvenated; having practiced new skills and spent time chatting and unwinding with like-minded individuals.

Glow, March 2018

Following Syjunta, we wanted to expand upon the element of engagement in our creative retreats. The idea that women can share their skills and learn from one another in an environment that's calm and comforting. In the Spring of 2018, we will be hosting the Glow retreat at Ty fforest. Open to a maximum of 20 people, its an event that has creativity and exchange at its core. The goal is to inspire, support and help one another, and maybe learn something new. To take the opportunity to get stuck into a project, or simply use our spaces to relax into a comfy chair, listen to the birds and read a book. A couple of workshops have been arranged but there is no fixed schedule or end product, we offer Glow as a space to be filled with your own imagination.

Learn more about Glow 2018 here

Sisterhood, June 2017

"We provide biannual retreats, small intimate workshops and suppers for women, with the main aim to embrace a slower, more gentler pace of life through creativity, connection, fireside chats and sisterly support." Founded by Lou Archell, the Sisterhood camp has been hosted at fforest for the past two years. The 'sisters' are guided through workshops and talks, fed wholesome meals and encouraged to relax with the idea to nourish creativity, connect with nature and with each other.

Lifestyle blogger, Abi Dare, was invited by Visit Wales to join the Sisterhood at this year's retreat. Her blog piece documenting her experience at Sisterhood and at fforest is a wonderful read, and is accompanied by some beautiful photography, some of which photos have been used in the gallery below. To read her blog piece and to see more photos visit Abi's website here.

We have learnt that intimate retreats like these are full of the small things that can make a big difference. We are developing exciting plans for our future Glowcamps; with inspiration, creativity, wellness and a big dollop of pampering at their heart. Further details soon.

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