Chef Gill Meller creates seasonal dishes inspired by the landscape in which he lives & works


River Cottage head chef, food writer & author Gill Meller's first cookbook 'Gather' promotes the idea of cooking with seasonal, local & the freshest of ingredients. With recipes inspired by the landscape in which he lives and works, his cooking ethos is much akin to fforest's own. 

Our fourth fforest feast was recently hosted in the big cedar barn, an 8 course meal showcasing the best of seasonal and local from land and sea. Dishes included locally caught crab, wild rabbit, heritage carrots, greens, leaves & herbs from our own fforest gardens and much, much more. We have always aspired to cook with only the freshest ingredients with the idea that our surrounding area, with its bountiful produce, deserves to be celebrated.

This is a concept beautifully enforced in Gill's cookery. 'Gather' includes 120 recipes that stress the importance of seasonality and locality in cooking:

'I like to think my cooking is a reflection of my surroundings. I take inspiration from the landscape, my locality, and the amazing farmers, growers and fisherman that produce the ingredients I use.'

Watch Gill as he cooks barley paella with squid and rabbit on the shores of a nearby beach. A recipe from his book, 'Gather'.

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