Kids craft competition!

Most of the fforest elves grew up in Wales and went to Welsh schools. They say that every year they looked ahead to one special day in particular...

A day for dressing up, singing, making, baking and just having lots of fun in general, St David's day is one of the best days in the Welsh school calendar. Baking welsh cakes, churning butter, performing in a mini Eisteddfod, making cards and being let loose on the art's an exciting day for children of any age.

Our fforest elves would like to encourage you to get creative this St David's day... Here's the brief:

Create a St David's day masterpiece of pure magnificence! Whether its been created at school or at home, we want to see what the young artists of Wales* can produce! Choose anything Welsh as your inspiration... leeks, daffodils, sheep, DRAGONS! Whatever you choose to make, we want to see it...

*not confined to Wales, if we have any young takers from further afield please join in too!

So mums and dads, send us your photos on Instagram (tag us @fforest) or tag us in a Facebook post. Our favourite entry will win a special fforest prize.


Want a bit of crafty inspiration? Click on the images below. (apparently all we have is daffodils...)

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