Morning meditation. We get a glimpse at the art of traditional soba noodle-making

There was something extremely therapeutic and relaxing about this masterclass in soba noodle-making; the rolling, shaping, cutting and placing... the whole process a sort of meditative practice for both maker and observer.

Our four-week trip comprised of a thousand special moments, one of our favourites was watching the process of making soba noodles. It was not planned or timed, simply offered in kindness. It came after we had eaten at this very modest family run restaurant the night before. Just us, no payment required, a special gift.

We watched him making flour and water into a pastry which he masterfully rolled and turned a perfect circle into a square, then folded and cut into thin noodles, which all fitted perfectly into a wooden tray. 

Share in our Japanese sensory experience. The videos and photos below are from our personal archives; capturing a few moments that made our senses tingle... Relax & enjoy.


Soba noodles

Preparing sushi

Up in the clouds

...and some zen photography...

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