The sons of fforest. Meet the brothers running the Pizzatipi with their band of merry pals


'It started with cardboard dough and good times'


The Pizzatipi started in 2009 between the 2 warehouses across the river from the Pizzatipi. Outside the then Cafe, now our offices, Mum & Dad (Sian & James) invited some friends over to make pizzas in an oven built by local craftsman/baker Tom Bean. Really, no one had a clue what they were doing (see image of rolling base with a wine bottle) but the pizza was amazing and they had a laugh.

We broke that oven pretty quickly so the next year we bought a new one from a man in Gloucestershire and set it up in the now Pizzatipi courtyard offering people to make their own pizzas... Terrible idea, absolute mayhem. Dad was on the paddle raging in front of a fire hotter than the sun. The Pizzatipi nearly died an early death.

We got another oven, the same ones we have now, and we went from just Friday nights to Thurs-Saturday nights with a small menu & a booze license. We had bar in the corner of the room with a cool box full of Pen Lon beers and Gwynt Y Ddraig ciders.

A top Aussy bloke called Josh joined us and we opened from Mon-Saturday, got a fridge for the beers and started to get pretty busy, constantly not making enough dough.

We took over where Josh left off and merged the cafe and Pizzatipi into 1.

We opened 7 days a week through the summer and we hardly slept.

We're buying our first proper oven! Hopefully 2017 will be just as busy as last year and we'll have a big ol' oven to get those pizzas fired out! Over the past couple of years we have been so pleased to welcome back and recognise some familiar faces; from friends & family to holiday makers & fforest dreamers, and never forgetting our loyal local customers. This year we've asked some of the best of local food producers to collaborate with us: Jack from Bara Menyn makes a special sourdough for us which can be used as your pizza base if you so wish, and Nerys from Cardigan Bay Brownies created a new flavour of brownie for us and so beetroot, salted caramel & dark chocolate will be your delicious desert this year.

The way of the Pizzatipi

We make everything on site within the confines of our riverside courtyard. From freshly made dough & focaccia to our basil-packed pizza sauce, we cook and prepare with our own fair hands every day to make sure everything is as fresh as can be. Perfecting a few things have taken some time; like the perfect spiral of sauce on a freshly rolled base, our secret dough recipe (that we keep locked in a safe), or the crunch of a golden crust fresh out the oven. We are constantly learning and growing and hoping that our customers enjoy our pizzas as much as we do.


The Brothers

The four brothers in charge all have their own parts to play. Teifi (youngest,18yrs) is the dough boy, everyday he prepares each individual pizza base ready for rolling. He is also in charge of baking the daily cloud bread. Teifi's favourite pizza is a meatball & chilli with a few bits of red onion. Calder (20yrs) is king paddler. As well as being top dog in the pizza shack, he is mostly in charge of not burning your pizza. Calder loves a simple pizza with blobs of fresh pesto. Robbie (21yrs) is the leading pizza topper, he can top a pizza in a record time of 4.6 seconds. Robbie's preferred pizza changes daily as he always chooses from the specials board. Jackson (oldest, 26yrs) does a bit of everything but mainly oils the bearings. He enjoys a simple mozzarella with fresh basil & a burnt crust.

The Pizzatipi is open seasonally from 12-9pm everyday with special events planned throughout Summer and live music every weekend.
Come and say hi!

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The photos above were taken by our friends from Flatspot when they visited fforest and the Pizzatipi in July 2016. They took a good look around fforest farm and the Tipi, took some great photos of the brothers at work and even collaborated on a limited edition Flatspot pizza (meatball, red onion, gherkin, chilli + a sesame seed crust - wow!)

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