Lifestyle magazine, SOON, features Pizzatipi & interview with brother no.1, Jackson

The SOON project (Something Out Of Nothing) is a lifestyle magazine that, since its conception in 2015, has been showcasing & celebrating young talent from all over the country, and beyond.

From artists to thinkers, chefs to jewellery makers, the range of interesting people with beautiful stories to share is vast in this independent magazine. Run singlehandedly (and magnificently) by 19 year old Leia Morrison from west Wales, SOON is fast becoming a guide of who to watch and why. Insightful stories give a glimpse into the life & work of creatives who might be otherwise overlooked or under-acknowledged in the big wide world. SOON offers a platform to those just starting off, and even to those fully established, to celebrate and share great work and great ideas.

Leia visited the Pizzatipi this Summer to talk to brother no.1, Jackson, about how the Pizzatipi all began, what its like to work closely with family, and what brings so many young & eager people to the Tipi courtyard...

Read the feature below:

Sitting on the edge of the River Teifi in the small Welsh town of Cardigan, a band of brothers, along with a group of their pals, fire out homemade, fresh pizzas and hearty beers for the many, under a canvas tipi. Whether you’re catching up with a friend, celebrating a birthday or launching a magazine The Pizzatipi is the perfect spot for chilling out, watching the sunset and eating delicious food, all in an utterly creative and welcoming space.

What is The Pizzatipi and how did all begin?
The Pizzatipi is a little restaurant and pub in the middle of Cardigan on the Teifi. Our parents started it accidentally about 5 years ago when they made a pizza oven for a staff party. Now it’s run by my brothers, I and our band of merry friends. We’re open from Easter to Christmas and are on a mission to make the best Pizza we can.

It’s such a beautiful location, do you know what was here before?
Sail lofts, chandlery, a boat yard, a coal yard, a smugglers pub, an antiques shop, galleries, flats, offices and now a pizza temple!

One thing that is wonderful about The Pizzatipi is the support it gives to local companies/ start ups. You hire mainly young people and often host events with young guest caterers, like El Salsa, and hosted the SOON launch event… is your support of mainly young people intentional or subconscious? Is the young atmosphere a part of The Pizzatipi brand?
We don’t really think about it, doing all the different things brings all the different people to us and that’s great for business but its secondary. We want to see things happen and if we can help and get a burrito out of it… no brainer. We’re nothing without the staff and most of the senior staff have been with us since they were the youngest staff, I hope the younger staff stick with us too, they’re mainly at an age where we know they’ll go soon but as long as their younger sisters, brothers and friends come and work for us instead we’ll be OK!

What's your all-time favourite pizza flavour that's hit the oven here at the tipi? 
We did a jet black squid ink base with razor clams caught by our dad and wild garlic picked by our mum. It was (fire emoji x3) but probably one of our worst sellers because it was so weird.

Jackson, you studied in Glasgow and have travelled quite a lot, what brought you back to Wales?
Family, Friends and Pizza!

On your instagrams (@coldatnight @fforest @pizzatipi), we’re always seeing you foraging away, do you source a lot of your ingredients locally?
We’re super lucky be surrounded by such fresh ingredients. From the sea, local growers, bakers, farmers we try and get as much of it on the menu as we can.

The Pizzatipi is now run, I do believe, by you and your brothers- what advice would you give to someone going into business with family?
Definitely do it – It’s the best and the worst, just try not to be family in work and work in family.

What's the busiest day you've probably ever had? How many pizzas do you reckon you sold?
At the beginning of this year we did 600...

We see you’ve recently expanded, it looks glorious! The Pizzatipi is obviously just growing and growing in success, what are your plans for the future?
A table on the river (smug emoji)

Finally, describe your brothers in pizza form, if they were pizzas what pizzas would they be and why?
Robbie is any pizza without cheese #backthebid #anti. Calder is a potato, perl las and chorizo pizza because he’s delicious and Teifi is steak on a pizza, perfectly rare.

Photography by Leia Morrison

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