We are often asked, what is fforest? fforest chief gives his simple equation

Even though fforest has now been in existence for 10 years, we are still asked "What do you do?" 


You'd think after all this time we'd have a stock answer. The problem is we are constantly evolving, morphing and embracing change. We add and we take away. And what we do do, we don't do like anyone else. So it's hard to put a name to it.

fforest is not

•A hotel
•A restaurant
•A glamping site
•A country estate
•A beach resort
•An all inclusive resort
•A festival venue
•A team building venue
•A conference centre
•An education centre
•A celebration venue
•An activity centre
•A yoga retreat
•A live music venue

fforest is

•None of the above
•All of the above
•Whatever you want it to be

fforest is what you make it.

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