SNAP: An international photography festival

"I firmly believe that the magic of fforest made SNAP and that's why we didn't hesitate in deciding to come back the following year."

-Laura Babb, founder of SNAP

Wedding & lifestyle photography festival, SNAP, was held at fforest in April this year (and on another two occasions before that). Founded by Laura Babb, the professional wedding photographer has created a photography retreat consisting of talks, workshops, live shoots and business sessions, all hosted within the 200 acre boundary of fforest farm.

These guys seemed to make use of every space fforest farm has to offer: Under the giant hat tipi, in our newly renovated project barn, outside & under canopies, inside the lodge barn, in our cosy little pub (where many a visitor prefers to dwell), in fields, under water, in the sauna... everywhere! It's a delight to see so many talented creatives using fforest spaces to inspire work & progress.

Photos by Wojtek

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