Is fforest the wedding venue for you? Stay with us over Valentine's to find out

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The winter months are a chance to rejuvenate, to refresh the body & mind, ready to face the year ahead. If you're a couple who'd like to enjoy the quieter, more intimate times at fforest, a Hygge break over Valentine's might be just the thing.

Choose to check in on Valentine's day for a mid-week break or at the weekends either side, its the perfect opportunity for some quiet time before the February half-term. If you're not familiar with the term, Hygge refers to the Danish 'art of living well'; enjoying simple pleasures and immersing yourself in natural beauty are at the centre of fforest's Hygge.


If you're recently engaged or thinking about wedding plans, we'd love to invite you to use your Hygge break to discover what fforest has to offer. Relax, take a good look around our different wedding venues, ask us some questions, we'd love to hear from you.

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A coastal walk, a beach to yourself, the warmth and crackle of a driftwood fire and a golden sunset are all quiet adventures to be enjoyed within easy reach. Between Fforest Farm and the adjoining wildlife reserve there are 500 acres to explore. Enjoy frosty, misty mornings, stunning starry skies at night. Listen to a deer roar, birdsong at dusk, and silence.

Our 200 year old tiny pub, Y Bwthyn, becomes your tiny pub during your stay. The fforest approach to the mini bar. The fire will be stoked, the bar stocked, the rest is up to you. Last man out makes the fire safe, switches the lights off and shuts the door.


Our hygge getaways are self catering, but we'll supply all the elements to help you create your own hygge. You can pre-order hampers of local cheeses or breakfast produce and warming curry or cassoulet to heat up in your kitchen.

We think fforest at this time of year is the perfect place to find your hygge. Skål!

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