Wooden & Woven

Latest casting of a bark edged Limewood vessel after polishing. Elbow grease 💪🏼 ⚪️

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Alex Devol is a fairly new friend of ours. In early 2015 he asked if he could run a spoon carving workshop at our first Gather event. He showed up with his brand new rescue dog and slept in the back of his pick up. Since then he's become a good friend of ours and although we don't get to see him very often we see something new he's crafted every day on his Instagram. He started with wooden spoons and in only a year he's casting vessels out of metal. Whilst creating such beautiful object his experimentation with technique and medium are what we find so inspiring. His body of work is already impressive we can't wait to see what Alex will make next week, month, year.

Alex will be returning to this years Gather. Get tickets here.


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