Polished for 100 years

The small chapels and churches of rural west wales are places of unique community and cultural significance, built to serve small communities and to nourish their spiritual life. They are a defining component of the rural and cultural landscape of rural wales. 

Fifteen years or so ago we started buying these chairs. we were buying with half an idea, not yet a project. much like the small chapels the had a simple spare beauty, constructed with a hard wearing beech seat & a light weight elm wood frame. There is uaually a storage slot on the back, 'Bible Box'. 

The avaiabilty of these chairs, was by-product of dwindling congregations, with the chapels faliing into a cycle of disuse and disrepair. 15 years ago they were cheap. £4 a chair was the alternative to the skip or bonfire. thanks to the stylewatchers of pinterest, the decent ones now cost up to £60. but the unique combination of practicality, materials comfort (really) and patina of use, means they are still worth it. so we are looking after our last 200 now, only indoors or special events. 

If you are interested in looking at this disappearing domestic architecture, have a look here www.welshchapels.org

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