Things you didn't know fforest did

Over the years, fforest has developed into a place to Stay Play Dream, an idyllic holiday destination where the outdoors is embraced and good food is enjoyed. But fforest has some lesser known offshoots that you may not be so familiar with...


fforest Gather

A very special event that brings the best of fforest together, a holiday full of creative engagement with the vibe of a festival.

Two week long family friendly gatherings with emphasis on engagement, exchange and fun. The great outdoors, activity for mind, soul and body, creativity and simple pleasures have always been bound to what we offer. At Gather, a revolving cast will provide workshops, creative play and outdoor activity in the day; films, live music, DJs and performers in the evenings.

fforest feasts

8 course tasting feast celebrating the best of local produce from land and sea in the big barn at fforest farm.

We have had the pleasure of hosting fforest feasts since 2016. Over a long weekend we welcome friends from far and wide to come and share good food and great company. A special evening centred on a unique dining experience. You can come for the feast only or stay and be looked after for the whole weekend at fforest farm. Book now for the fforest Winter feast below.


fforest corporates

'How do you start a fire in your organisation? The sort of fire that everyone can help to build, that everyone wants to sit around, wants to talk around, wants to dream around. A fire that grows.' - fforest chief

fforest is an experience and a place that encourages engagement, collaboration and creativity. Whether it’s a workshop, a retreat, a conference or a reward for a hard-working team we have the space and facilities to cater for corporate events of varying sizes. We can organise activities and entertainment, if you need a helping hand. We’ll provide amazing food and the best little pub in Wales. From boutique to festival, we have a style to meet most alternative briefs.


fforest favourites

You may recognise our blankets & cushions when you stay with us, did you know you could take home your very own?

We design our own blankets and cushions which are woven at a local woollen mill, enamel mugs in four colourways & featuring the fforest logo, woollen socks designed by us and made by Corgi, vintage rucksacks, aprons made from surplus tents & tarps, tea towels – lots of things to make your stay at fforest cosier. These can all be purchased at our fforest online shop so you can take a little bit of fforest home with you.

fforest weddings

10 years of unique events in 200 acres of bliss. 3 days of woodland, fields, festival, fun, no boundaries. A blank canvas.

fforest has hosted 150 weddings since 2008. Our venues have evolved as a celebration of the outdoors and an appreciation of the comfort offered by our indoor spaces. With the addition of the beautiful cedar barn and Ty Fforest farmhouse we are now able to host lavish weddings throughout the year, with guests staying on site and being treated to scrumptious fforest food throughout their stay.


fforest Glow camps

Inspiration, creativity & wellness. We have learnt that intimate retreats are full of the small things that can make a big difference.

Our Glow Camps are either creative or active retreats with a common theme: to share, support & inspire each other. We have always promoted "Active Relaxation" - clearing your mind through the challenge of learning new skills and the physical demands of a tough day's play. We also understand the luxury of just doing nothing. Sit on the deck, watch the deer, read a book, or just dream. Glow camps are the perfect combination of the two - physical challenge interspersed with relaxation and comfort.

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8 tipis, 546 blankets, 9,688 bowls of granola & 1 Bwthyn. 10 years of fforest, in numbers

gather 17.jpg

2,422 holidays
122 weddings
34 events
3 fforest gathers
347 dogs
100M ideas
48 builders
5 restorations
8 tipis
546 blankets
150k logs
113k L of cwrw/beer
7.35M pints
64,195 pizzas
3k candle sticks
11k tea lights
2,398 enamel mugs
142 designer chairs
3 resident cats
23 tipis held down
7.19 T of flour
9,688 bowls of granola
6 f***ing lawn mowers
12 amps blown
0 arguements 😏
112k hangovers
8 antlers
1 ghost
and many more


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Meet the chefs, pups, lawn mowerers, pizza makers, champagne pourers, pillow plumpers: The fforest elves

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We are often asked, what is fforest? fforest chief gives his simple equation

Even though fforest has now been in existence for 10 years, we are still asked "What do you do?" 


You'd think after all this time we'd have a stock answer. The problem is we are constantly evolving, morphing and embracing change. We add and we take away. And what we do do, we don't do like anyone else. So it's hard to put a name to it.

fforest is not

•A hotel
•A restaurant
•A glamping site
•A country estate
•A beach resort
•An all inclusive resort
•A festival venue
•A team building venue
•A conference centre
•An education centre
•A celebration venue
•An activity centre
•A yoga retreat
•A live music venue

fforest is

•None of the above
•All of the above
•Whatever you want it to be

fforest is what you make it.

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Enamelware of all shapes, colours and sizes. One fforest's oldest friends

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.56.52.png

'A combination of thousands of tiny decisions'

Our look is simple. Simple isn't easy. The simpler it looks, the more time and thought has gone into it's development.

The few elements have to be so carefully curated to arrive at the final result. One of our favourite elements is our Danish cookware. The finest selection of Copco enamelware outside of Denmark ...possibly.

Not confined to the kitchen, our enamelware can be found in the breakfast room, the dining room, even in the bedrooms at Ty Fforest. The best dressed rooms in Pembrokeshire ...probably. 

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