The Beast of beer


"After realising the simplicity of draft dispensing and frustration of the family & I having to walk to the local pub whilst staying at fforest over the festive period I had an epiphany..."

Conceived under the influence of beer (7.7% Blueberry Sour Wild beer aged in oak barrels by Mikkeller/Three Floyds breweries) and my calling, the beast was born on Christmas eve, in the dark of a drizzly night under the light of a head torch, with the wrong sized screws and a hammer. Using the components of the Pizzatipi bar and some old floorboards I cobbled together 4 taps hanging off the back of one of our 10ft 4x4 service mules in roughly 8 hours, a job that would have taken any normal person 1...

This wasn't any old beer bellied beast...

The Taps went like this:

Tap 1 (Dinner) - Buxton Brewery's 'Rednik stout'- a deep fruity Stout full of solid flavour but only 4.1%. You could session on it with the sensation of gorging a kilo of Cadburys fruit and nut without the guilt or hangover.
Tap 2 (Lunch) - Beavertown Brewery's 'Gamma Ray', a big hoppy session pale ale. A contemporary classic, one of the best.
Tap 3 (Breakfast) -  Buxton x Lervig Brewery's 'Trolltunga', a Gooseberry IPA! Forget the coffee this is a zinger but not just a slap in the face, the IPA is a soothing kiss on the forehead.
Tap 4 (all day) - Mantle Brewery's 'Cwrw fforest', beer made from trees especially for us. This potion is most like a lager but not technically a lager. Its crisp and refreshing and only 4%... all though it always feels like 6. We're really proud of this one.

It goes without saying we drank all the beer on Christmas day in the top field of the farm...

'PART 2: BEER STALKING' Coming soon.

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